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In the meantime, FWHM of one-photon fluorescence narrows from 70 to 24 nm with a decrement of 66%, FWHM of two-photon fluorescence decrease from 129 to 70 nm with a decrement of 46%.
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The FWHM calibration points as well as the fitted parameters are stored in HyperLab databases for each measurement entry. More than one FWHM calibrations may exist in the database for the same measurement, but only the last non-tentative one is treated as the current, valid FWHM calibration, and this will be automatically loaded by the peak evaluator.

Chemcalc.analyseMF("CH3CH2Cl",{isotopomers:"xy,jcamp",fwhm:0.0001}) Retrieve a JSON containing the information for a molecular formula with a FWHM of 0.0001 and calculate also the isotopomers as a jcamp and xy.
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  • The present disclosure provides a polyimide film prepared from a precursor composition containing a polyamic acid and an organic solvent and having a value of (first FWHM−second FWHM)/(first FWHM+second FWHM) which is less than 0.4, a graphite sheet prepared from the polyimide film, and a method for preparing a graphite sheet.
  • Simulated and measured data of the FWHM of a FSG ® vs reflectivity for a 4mm grating length. Among the key features gained from FSG ® inscription are the ability to reduce the Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) of the reflection peak to about 200pm, independent of the length of the grating. However, for a fixed grating length, the reflectivity has a slight influence on the FWHM.
  • To perform linear interpolation in Excel, use the FORECAST function to interpolate between two pairs of x- and y-values directly. In the example below, the formula to interpolate and find the y-value that corresponds to an x-value of 1.4 is: =FORECAST(F2,C3:C4,B3:B4) This simple method works when there are only two pairs of x- and y-values. Linear Interpolation in Excel Read
  • FIGURE 18: LEFT: Illustration of the resolution concept based on the foveal cone size.They are about 2 microns in diameter, or 0.4 arc minutes on the retina. Angular diameter of the diffraction FWHM in a telescope of aperture D is ~λ/D in radians, or 3438λ/D in arc minutes, λ being the wavelength of light. For the typical range of amateur apertures from 4-16 inch and λ=550nm, it
  • Frame 1: effective FWHM in mm of the whitened residuals, as if they were white noise smoothed with a Gaussian filter whose fwhm was FWHM. FWHM is unbiased so that if it is smoothed spatially then it remains unbiased. If FWHM > 50, FWHM = 50. Frame 2: resels per voxel, again unbiased. Frames 3,4,5: correlation of adjacent resids in x,y,z directions.